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"Another startup, Hapticus, is an alumni of the INIFINITI Accelerator 2.0. Hapticus is a Singapore-based mobility solutions technology company, whose flagship product is a virtual transportation hub for people with special needs. Their system, comprised of a set of mobile and web applications, matches adequate transportation options with the specific user’s mobility needs."

- "Want to Roll Your Product out to the Streets? This Ignition Programme Could Be the Answer." E27. N.p., 3 Feb. 2017. Web. 

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"And I think the ones that are leading the forefront through their collaboration is companies like Hapticus. It is a Singapore based mobility solution provider for people with disabilities or the elderly. I am please to say that they have got funding from Nissan R&D and Innovation arm."

-Dane Fisher, General Manager, Global Business Transformation & Brand at Infiniti Motor Company Ltd.