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Hapticus is a Singapore based technology company, established in 2010 with a vision to develop novel software solutions to improve the way people commute in major metropolitans, with a strong emphasis on positive social impact.  

The company provides a range of software mobility solutions, connecting fleets, institutes and individuals for an enhanced commuting experience.

Our platform, the Ecommuter, manages complex transportation environments for sectors with specific mobility needs, serving as a mobility eco-system connector.

The company’s flagship product, the Ecommuter MI, is a virtual transportation hub for commuters with special mobility needs.

The Ecommuter

Mobility Management System

Revolutionary Technology shaping the Future of Mobility

As a mobility technology provider, Hapticus took part in the tremendous change to the mobility landscape that started with the introduction of software services that are changing the way we commute.

While the trend was initiated by software companies, Car makers have no intention to be left behind. With the expected introduction of autonomous driving, software services and management of connected cars plays a key role.

Hapticus is committed to constantly develop new solutions and services, form strategic partnerships and play a part in this exciting mobility revolution.

What People Say

Featured in 


"I think the ones that are leading the forefront through their collaboration is companies like Hapticus... I am pleased to say that they have got funding from Nissan R&D and Innovation arm."

Dane Fisher

General Manager,

Global Business Transformation & Brand, 

Infiniti Motor Company Ltd.

Featured in 

The Straits Times 

"Sometimes when we are driving and we get a call from the office for a new job, we can get the pick-up address wrong. But with the app, this won't happen."

Ng Song Liang

 Van Driver, 

Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA)

Featured in

The Straits Times

"As we can locate the vehicle on a map, we can also inform clients if the pick-up is delayed because of a traffic jam"

Duraisamy Ramesh


HWA Whampoa Rehabilitation Centre

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